The Friends of the Library is allways in need of volunteers, supplies and financing. Many of the extra programs at the library are partially or completly funded by the FRIENDS.

The Library is always in need of volunteers to extend its reach into the community. FRIENDS works to share news and information about the library. We help make people aware of the programs that are being run and the available resources the library houses. FRIENDS also supports the library with help at special events and regular library functions.

Additional monetary resources help the library to provide the services, furnishings, and materials our
patrons want and need. By becoming a member of FRIENDS, you donate money to the library through our
tax exempt organization. In addition, if you wish to donate toward the purchase of a specific item or material, you can contact the Library directly to discuss the specifics of such a donation.

FRIENDS is a member of Guidestar, the national database of non-profit organizations and VolunteerMatch. We accept donations with employer matches and can help employees schedule specific volunteer projects with the library.


Please send checks and writen correspondance to:

Friends of the Wells Branch Community Library
15001 Wells Port Drive, Austin, TX 78728

FRIENDS Designation
501(c)(3) TaxID # 74-2911870