As a result of the tireless efforts of Dianne Koehler and other WB residents, theWells Branch Community Library District was established by election in August 1998 with the singular goal of becoming a community resource for education and information. In 1999, the Library’s humble beginning was in a single room in a strip-center facility, where FRIENDS literally opened the doors and stocked the shelves.

With tireless dedication to our goal and the legendary Wells Branch community spirit, the library’s permanent location of 15001 Wells Port Drive opened its doors, offering even more options for our patrons. With 16,000 square feet including meeting rooms and many small reading and study areas, the library now offers a broad selection of materials, many community oriented programs and a modern array of computer resources.

The library now has a regular staff, but also supplements this staff with volunteers who log thousands of hours each year to keep the library running. An annual community survey allows us to target the resources and programs which the community needs and wants for our future.


The District, historically, is funded by 0.5% of the sales tax gathered by local businesses, so every dollar you spend in the community does help. Five elected trustees manage this revenue and allocated funds for operating costs, but unfortunately, this cannot fully cover the cost of materials, equipment upgrades, or the high level of service on which we pride ourselves. The library is always in need of two resources. Money, of course is important, but we also need time. You can assist the community by helping the library in any of these ways!

Volunteering & Donations

The Library is always in need of volunteers to extend its reach into the community. FRIENDS works to share news and information about the library. We help make people aware of the programs that are being run and the available resources the library houses. FRIENDS also supports the library with help at special events and regular library function

Additional monetary resources help the library to provide the services, furnishings, and materials our patrons want and need. By becoming a member of FRIENDS, you donate money to the library through our tax-exempt organization.

In addition, if you wish to donate toward the purchase of a specific item or material, you can contact the Library directly to discuss the specifics of such a donation.

FRIENDS is a member of Guidestar, the national database of non-profit organizations and VolunteerMatch. We accept donations with employer matches and can help employees schedule specific volunteer projects with the library.